Hotel Éclat Beijing Introduces Contemporary Art Collection


For those who love ambiance just as much as they do art, the Hotel Éclat Beijing is looking to attract art enthusiasts with one of China’s biggest contemporary art collections and the largest Dali collection outside of Europe. This gallery will be adorned with designer vintage furniture for a setting that is both warm and inviting for guests, juxtaposed with the stunning installations that abound. Some pieces that stand out are a dynamic ceiling installation designed by Jitka Kamencova Skuhava made from red and blue hand blown glass and a “Trojan on Horseback” Dali bronze. “The Giant Panda” prints by Andy Warhol and a bull sculpture by French artist Matter Pierre tie Western and Chinese worlds of art together to complete the collection. eclat-hotel-beijing-9-690x386 eclat-hotel-beijing-8-690x386 eclat-hotel-beijing-4-690x386 eclat-hotel-beijing-2-690x386