25 New Years Resolutions

1. Travel More
Discovering new places and treating life as an adventure is rejuvenating and revitalizing.

2. Read a book a week.
Learning new things and tapping into your imagination is great for the body and soul.

3. Meditate
Easing and relaxing your mind allows for new ideas and thoughts to be accessed.

4. Get more sleep
Sleep is crucial for your mind and appearance.

5. Hug!
Hugging is a universal medicine that boosts self esteem, elevates serotonin levels and builds trust.

6. Exercise more
Physical activity give you more energy, improves your mood and reduces stress.

7. Get a promotion
Professionally advancing and increasing your visibility creates self-confidence.

8. Make more homemade meals
Cooking at home allows for control of quality and portion, as well as being economically sustainable.

9. Fall in love
The dopamine rush that comes from being in love gives you tremendous energy and optimism.

10. Get organized
Freeing your space and mind of clutter can double or triple your motivation.

11. Spend more time on BCBGMAXAZRIA Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

12. Volunteer
Aside from allowing you to make new friends and increase your relationship skills, volunteering has a meaningful and positive impact on your community.

13. Recycle
It creates green jobs and is energy efficient and Earth-friendly.

14. Watch less TV
Stay connected by focusing on your authentic connections and increasing your productivity.

15. Take more photos
Snapping pictures fosters creativity and keeps joyful times vivid in our minds.

16. Drink more water
H20 flushes toxins, boots your immune system and improves your complexion.

17. Conquer a fear
Taking risks give huge rewards, and achieving something difficult, gives a greater sense of pride.

18. Quit smoking
Reduces your risk of numerous diseases as well as regains control of your actions? It’s a win/win.

19. Keep in touch
Those with strong relationship ties live longer than those who are not connected socially.

20. Save more money
Creating a safety net reduces stress, opens your financial options and allows for more traveling.

21. Regularly visit your doctor
An annual appointment helps detect illnesses, diseases, and cancers when they’re potentially still preventable and curable.

22. Be thankful
Those who practice appreciation see emotional, health, and interpersonal benefits.

23. Wear sunblock
Slow down crow’s feet, fight off age spots, and protect yourself from cancer.

24. Break your e-mail addiction
Studies show that being so attached can distract you from productive time. Treat your inbox as your mailbox at home and check it once or twice daily.

25. Embrace change
Take a leap of faith and venture outside of the box to create opportunities and new beginnings.